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Senior Center exercise room offers wide array of fitness opportunities

October 24, 2018

Senior Center Exercise Room
Alan and Judy Myers can be found most mornings in the Johnson County Senior Center’s Exercise Room. The room is comfortably air-conditioned and has several machines of various types to suit any fitness goal. Many seniors use the room as an extension of their physical therapy following joint replacements or cardiac procedures. Photo by Marlana Ward.

By Marlana Ward
Freelance Writer

The Johnson County Senior Center boasts a wide variety of opportunities and activities for local seniors. Among those opportunities is the chance to work on physical wellness in a well-equipped exercise room. The air-conditioned room boasts multiple machines capable of helping people of all physical capability levels and fitness goals and is open to all local seniors.

Almost every weekday morning, Alan and Judy Myers can be found exercising side by side in the center’s exercise room. The couple has enjoyed the facility since moving here more than a decade ago and credits it to helping them stay fit and healthy. Alan has had two knee replacements and uses the machines to stay in shape and to keep moving. Judy’s fitness journey has been included a lifestyle change that the center’s exercise room helps her maintain.

“I had lost over fifty pounds, and this has helped me keep it off for nine years,” she shared. “Much of the equipment in the exercise room is specially designed for people continuing training they started in physical therapy sessions. “We get a lot of people who have had joint replacements,” explained Judy. “The doctors prescribe physical therapy, but when the prescription ends, insurance doesn’t pay for the therapy anymore. If their physical therapist or they themselves feel like they need more work, can come here and use the same type of equipment they are accustomed to using.”

“Each piece of equipment can be set to different levels,” said Alan. “If you just want to move, the machine can help do that. If you want more resistance, the machines can be adjusted.”

The Myers explained how the free exercise room at the senior center compared to gyms they had been a part of in the past.

“This exercise room is more than sufficient for us,” said Judy. “We are not rushed and have all the time we need. Sometimes it does get busy, but I can always find at least one machine to use.”

While some seniors may feel intimidated walking into the room with its various equipment, the staff and regulars at the center are always willing to take the time to explain how machines work and make visitors feel welcome.

“Most things are simple, and many people are already familiar with the machines from physical therapy,” explained Alan. “If you are unsure how something works, you can always find someone to help in the center.

”The Myers encourage all seniors to come to visit the exercise room no matter their skill level. “You need to
start slow and work up,”Judy shared. “When I first started on the elliptical, I could only do 10 minutes on level one. Now, I can do 30 minutes on level 10. This took eight years to achieve, and you have to work at it gradually.”

“Everyone should come out and have some fun,” Judy enthusiastically expressed. “Something is going on all the time. It is almost like another family here.”

The Senior Center Exercise Room is available for use between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day.