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You turn around and your children are grown

By:  Paula Walter

Assistant Editor


My baby boy got married this past Saturday.  To be honest, I thought I would cry throughout most of the preliminary events and the wedding itself.  I was so happy for him and his new wife that all I could do was smile and pass out hugs to anyone standing close by.  There were a few tears but those were happy tears of joy and happiness.
Life with Brian started out with a jolt. Brian is the second son out of three, and he was the one who seemed to have the most health issues, including his heart stopping when he was just a few hours old, broken bones, and a  jump into an above ground swimming pool that left him with a broken bone in his neck that by the grace of God broke away from his spinal cord.  Not only did he have multiple surgeries, including removing his spleen due to a blood disorder and too many ear tubes to count, but he was a fearless child.  His four year old brother came running into the kitchen when they were very young and announced I needed to call 911.  “Quick!  Biben is stuck in a tree,” said his older brother with his unique way of pronouncing Brian.  There was Biben, hanging upside down by the cuff of his pants, twirling around and laughing.  And then there was the time Brian flipped over his tricycle and needed stitches under his chin, and then the time he broke an arm doing cartwheels in the back yard.  There were many more.  I think my brain has chosen to forget a lot as a method of self-preservation.
It wasn’t that our other sons didn’t run into troubles, but Brian seemed to see more than his share of them.  In my eyes, although he is now a grown man, I still see that little rascal with the impish face who thought he could charm me with his smile. He was right, he could, and he still does.  His eyes would twinkle and he would raise an eyebrow and grin at me. It was hard to resist that cute little face, hard as I might try.
When the boys were young, I couldn’t imagine my life any different than being Mommy and Mama to our three sons.  Life was revolved around school, scouts, taekwondo, baseball, basketball, guitar lessons and on and on.  Life has passed so quickly.  I turned around and they were grown.  I turned around, and they were gone and on their own. They went off to school and work and life has all of them in different states.  My mother used to tell me how fast they would grow up, and they did.  At that time, I couldn’t see it and thought she must be mistaken, but it’s true.
The wedding was outside, and the afternoon sun was going down as everyone waited for the wedding to begin.  Walking out onto the patio, Brian stood there and just grinned at all of his family and friends that had gathered to be a part of the wedding.  The audience broke into a wild applause and Brian just continued to grin with a smile that lights up his eyes.  That’s my boy.
It does my heart good to know that we raised a good man, whose heart opens up to people of all ages and all kinds, who doesn’t judge and looks at the world through rose colored glasses.  I hope he can keep his love of life and people forever.  He is a unique soul, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.