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William Henry Harrison- the one month president

As I learn more about United States presidents, I am often amazed at how different they are. The American people have seen fit to elect a variety of presidents. It’s interesting to see how they served, what their strengths and weaknesses were. Who will be our next Chief of State is a question we may have on our minds even this early in the current and future candidates’ quest to gain the highest office in the country.
Recently I was looking at some of this country’s presidents and the name William Henry Harrison stood out. He was the ninth president. As I looked at his biography, I noted that he only served as president a very short time — March 4, 1841 until April 4, 1841. He died after only a month as president..
Harrison was chosen by the Whigs to oppose Martin Van Buren. The Whig Party was established in 1834. It was a reaction to the authoritarian policies of Andrew Jackson. The term Whig was taken from English politics, the name of a faction that opposed royal tyranny. The Whig Party chose him mainly because there was nothing wrong with him. He had a good military record. One of his mottoes was “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” which alluded to his performance at Tippecanoe where he defeated the Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh. Through his military exploits he became a national hero. His father Benjamin Harrison was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. William Henry’s grandson also Benjamin became the 23rd president.
One advantage he had in the election was that he hadn’t been active in politics and consequently had no views upon current issues. Harrison had run against Van Buren in 1836 and hadn’t done well. If my readers recognize the year 1836, it’s probably because that is the year Johnson County became a county. As you may remember, Johnson County was carved from Carter County in that year due to the hardship of traveling to Elizabethton, the county seat.
Anyway, it seems that folks figured it was time for a change from the flamboyant style of Van Buren. John Tyler of Virginia was chosen the Vice-President candidate on the ticket.
Sadly President Harrison died after only a month in office, probably of pneumonia. Tyler succeeded him to the presidency. President Harrison was born in Charles City, Virginia on February 9, 1773. Harrison studied classics and history at Hamden-Sydney College and then studied medicine in Richmond, Virginia. In 1791 he changed career paths when he joined the First Infantry of the Regular Army. He served under General Anthony Wayne. He left the army in 1798 and held various government jobs before being named secretary of the Northwest Territory. He held other important government jobs before his run for the presidency.