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Volume III History of Johnson County books for sale

The Johnson County Historical Society recently received shipment of the third volume of the highly anticipated History of Johnson County. The unique book has been in the making since early 2015 and members of the society are excited about the book project and its completion.
Volume III follows Volume II that was published in 2000 and Volume I that was published in 1986. Just as the first two volumes were filled with general history of our great county and an abundance of family histories, volume III does too. Society President Janie Gentry and Book Committee Chairperson, Kathy Terrill ably led in the development of the book. Others on the committee were Jessie Diprospero, Sue Howard, my wife Mary J. Swift and I. Malcolm Howard served as proofreader and Ted Gentry was in photography. Society officers during 2015 were Janie Gentry, President; Sue Howard, Secretary; Bob Morrison, Vice President and Jessie Diprospero, Treasurer. But, without the many folks who turned in new family histories and updates on Volume I and II, there would be no History of Johnson County Volume III. Volume III is dedicated to future generations who may read it to learn more about this great county. The book is beautifully bound in red with the title and the Johnson County seal in gold color. The contents of the book includes Introduction, Dedication, President’s Letter; Johnson County Historical Society Museum; Volume III History Book Committee; Lasting Impressions; Johnson County History; Mountain City History; Civil Servants/Law Enforcement; Outstanding Citizens of Johnson County; Education; Class Reunions; Religion/Churches; Medical Profession; Military; Recreation; Music and Musicians; Organizations and Clubs; Old Stores; Old Homes; Sports; Old/New Businesses; Potpourri; Family Histories; Tributes, Memorials, and Businesses and The Index. There were 14 years between Volume I and Volume II and there were 15 years between Volume II and this latest edition, Volume III. The book is $70.00 picked up at the Johnson County Welcome Center and $78.00 shipped to the customer. The shipping cost includes postage and insurance.
You may call or visit the Welcome Center for more information. If you visit and have never done so before, please check out the Johnson County Historical Society’s Museum located on the left end of the building. Several items of interest are housed in the Museum including old photographs, old tools, old military uniforms of yore and a lot of other items as well.