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Violence against police is a horrendous display of displaced martydom

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Staff Writer/Photographer

Recently, I wrote about the Eric Garner case and the barbaric as well as NYPD policy breaking method in which officers chose to apprehend him, ultimately causing his death. In turn, I must bear witness to current threats and abominable violence the men and women that stand behind the blue line are unjustifiably facing.
The vast majority of our nation’s police force is comprised of men and women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to serving the community through unthinkable situations. Pause for a moment and imagine all of the tragedies that have made headlines in Johnson County alone in 2014. From meth offenses to suicides to child abuse to fatal car accidents –police officers are present at every scene doing the work that most of us would never want to imagine. And as they’re going through the emotional and physical rigors of their duty they’re also faced with the stress of knowing that at any moment, they could be murdered for simply doing their jobs.

The dedication to community doesn’t stop with the officer either. The family members and friends of police officers undoubtedly fret tirelessly the duration of each uncertain shift. Their worry is justified as 117 officers lost their lives in the line of duty throughout the country in 2014.
Violence against police has always occurred and sadly it probably always will. With the controversy of whether or not police overstepped their bounds in the cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown swirling around the country, violence against police has also taken center stage. NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu lost their lives just five days before Christmas. The officers were participating in an anti-terrorism drill in the infamous Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn when they were murdered in cold blood.

Originally it was reported that crime was committed in retaliation of the death of Eric Garner. However, the suspect, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, also shot his ex-girlfriend, Air Force Reservist Shaneka Thompson, just hours prior to murdering Liu and Ramos. That fact coupled with Brinsley’s long rap sheet and known ties to gang violence paints a more vivid picture of this crazed faux martyr.

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