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The weather, an old bench and other things

Well, the weather is beginning to heat up and I’m ready for it to do just that. Maybe it’s just me, but I think last winter was about the worst one I’ve ever experienced. I guess there have been worse winters sometimes during my lifetime, but I was younger then and didn’t pay as much attention to it then.

Now, I guess the first thing you know, we’ll be grumbling about the hot weather. I don’t plan to grumble until later in the summer when it really gets hot — maybe not even then.

We’ve had quit a lot of rain lately too. Rain showers are great. I like the smell of the earth and grass after a rain shower. But when it comes to thunderstorms, I am a little apprehensive when lightning lights up the sky.

I’m writing this column on Thursday evening due to the Tomahawk’s early deadline so the Tomahawk staff can be off for Memorial Day. A thunderstorm came up earlier today and I don’t think I’ve ever heard thunder so loud or lightning so fierce. But with all the thunder and lightning, there was little rain.

I was reminded of something I read recently about lightning. The chances of being killed by lightning are about 1 in 700,000. Lightning is one of the leading causes of weather related deaths. In the United States an average of 73 people are killed by lighting each year with about 300 being injured.
Anyway, the transition from the cool windy days and cold nights to hot days and warm nights is welcome as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I can get a little work done around the house. I have an old bench in the front yard that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. It’s ready for a paint job. In anticipation of making the old bench beautiful again, I bought some spray primer and some bright red spray paint the other day.

You know, I thought at first I would trash it and buy a brand new bench, but I began to think the old bench has been around many years and it deserves to be painted and displayed on our front lawn. The old paint will have to be scraped off before the new paint can be applied. I’m looking forwardto working on it and seeing it with its new coat of paint.

We’re not in the garden mode this year, even though we raised a pretty big garden up until several years ago. This year we planted a few tomato plants, some squash plants and some cucumber plants. I thought I would experiment with one of those upside down tomato plants this year. I guess I’m being naive but I hope that it will produce many juicy tomatoes. After all that’s what the picture on the box shows.

Anyway, as I anticipate my plans this summer, I hope you will have a very happy and enriching summer as wel.