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The Johnson County Center for the Arts

This ‘n’ That; By Jack Swift

It had been awhile since I visited the
Johnson County Center for the Arts on College Street and I decided to visit the Center and see what new works that might be featured there. As always I was very
impressed by the quality of the works presented. I’ve always felt that there is a great deal of talent in Johnson County. Visiting the Johnson County Center for the Arts bares that out.
While I’m certainly no expert in art, I can appreciate it for its beauty, its impact and its value in the world of today. We read and learn about it, we attend museums to view it, and perhaps sometimes draw it out of ourselves in moments of extreme emotion in our lives. Art takes many forms. Often the word art brings to our minds various kinds of painting. Landscapes, seacapes and still life are just a few of the many types of painting that people have produced in the annals of time. The making of pottery dates back many hundreds of years. Cave drawings has been discovered that date back thousands of years.
I have painted a couple of pictures using oil as a medium. I tried watercolors once, but that just wasn’t for me. I was fortunate to know Mrs. Blain Cole when I was a youngster. She was a local artist who lived on Highway 67 about three miles west of Mountain City. She taught me a lot about painting. Her paintings hung in every room in her spacious house. I wonder what happened to them. I also took some lessons in painting under David Huyard, who was once a Johnson County minister and artist.
Art can take many forms. Other than painting, there is sculpture, pottery and more. I suppose drawing is an art form as well. My experience in drawing occurred when as part of my job at the Tomahawk, I also sold advertisement. One business owner would only advertise if I would draw a cartoon strip and charge him with the space. The cartoon I drew featured characters Rhea and Bo and their various activities concerning the place of business being advertised. Anyway, it was a pleasure indeed to visit the Art Center and see the talent displayed there.