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Tennessee is a Happy State According to a Recent Study

I’ve always considered myself fortunate to be born and raised in Tennessee and more particularly in Johnson County, Tennessee. There are many places and attractions that I would like to visit, but when all is said and done I would want to come right back here to good old East Tennessee.
My traveling has been limited, but on the few visits I’ve had to other places, I decided I just wouldn’t want to stay in those places very long. Now, that is not to say that some of the other states I have visited were not interesting and had a lot to offer but there was no comparison to the place I was born and raised. I’ve talked with so many people from other states who extol the friendliness of the people of Tennessee, especially East Tennessee and Johnson County.
I must admit I have not explored my own state as much as I should have. Tennessee is an especially interesting state according to all I’ve read about it. The three stars on the Tennessee state flag represent the Three Grand Divisions of the state. Since it is such a long state east to west, there are many variations between each Grand Division.
The three divisions are East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. Those of us who live in Johnson County know about the mountainous terrain of East Tennessee. Middle Tennessee is mainly a plateau (extensive land area having a relatively level surface raised sharply above adjacent land) and West Tennessee is relatively flat.
But of all the information I have about Tennessee, I just didn’t know it ranks high on a happiness list. I was pleased to learn that it ranks fourth according to a newspaper clipping I recently received from Gerhard Braun. As a testament to Johnson County’s livability, Gerhard and his wife Ila chose Johnson County for their home after living in other states. My wife and I met the Brauns soon after they arrived in Johnson County and we value their friendship.
A survey of 1.3 million people across the country by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was the base for the happiness ratings. Louisiana topped the list. Hawaii was next on the list and that is probably no surprise to anyone. Florida ranked third. Our great state of Tennessee was fourth on the list.
Some samplings from the list are as follows: Arizona is 5th, North Carolina is 13th, Virginia is 17th, West Virginia is 34th, District of Columbia is 37th, Pennsylvania is 41st, New Jersey is 47th and Michigan is 49th. The dubious 51st place on the list was New York.
There is good and there is bad about each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, so none of the states need despair. The fact that Tennessee is fourth on the list of happiest states is good news indeed. In a list of happiest counties, I feel confident that Johnson County would be high on that list as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would come in first. After all, there are many reasons for our county to be a happy county.