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Swift shares a brief look at his genealogy

By:  Jack Swift

This edition of the Tomahawk is the annual Progress Edition. The theme of this issue is “Where did I come from.” With that in mind, I thought I would share a bit of information about my genealogy. It is thought that my ancestors were from England. I think I have documentation for that but was unable to come up with it. The first recorded information

I have about my Swift forbears is that a Mark Swift was living in the Baltimore area of Maryland. He was born in 1675 and died in 1708. He married Elizabeth Stanley. Among their children was a son, Flower Swift, who died between 1742 and 1746. He married Elizabeth Whiteaker. Among their children was Thomas Swift who was born December17, 1723. Thomas married Martha Linden. Elias was born to them. Elias’ wife was Amy, but her last name isn’t known.
This marriage took place in 1766. A son James Swift was born to them in 1796. He died December 8, 1858 in Ashe County, North Carolina (now Watauga County, North Carolina.) James Swift had come to Ashe (Watauga) County from the Yadkin River Valley where he owned a farm.
In 1837 he purchased 50 acres of land in what is now the Beaver Dams section of what is now Watauga County. James Swift married Lydia Eggers, the daughter of Landrine Eggers and Joanna Greene. Joanna was Greene’s second wife. To the marriage of James and Lydia were born ten children.
James’ and Lydia’ second son Elias was born February 5, 1818 in Ashe County, North Carolina (now Watauga County.) Elias married Mary Cable on November 26, 1846. Four children were born to this marriage.
After the death of Mary Swift, Elias married Mary Loretta Stout on October 2, 1859. To that union was born my Grandfather David Elkanah Swift. David Elkanah married Sarah Fine Grindstaff (my paternal grandmother.) My father Isaac Allen Swift was the youngest of their seven children. He married Carrie Emiline Harper (my mother) on March 16, 1928. She was a daughter of Noah Webster and Victoria Harper. I had a brother, Charles Ray, who died September 10, 1990.
Of course the above is only a small part of my family history. From England to the hills of Beaver Dams is long distance and a long time as well.