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Swift says Marion Michael Morrison was the epitome of an action star

Marion Michael (sometimes listed as Robert) Morrison was the epitome of the action star of cinema. His film career spanned from the highly successful film Stagecoach in 1939 until his final film The Shootist in 1976. Morrison was born to Clyde and Mary Morrison in Winterset, Iowa on May 26,1907. He died in 1979 nearly a year after that film was released. It was interesting to me that Morrison was born the same year as both my parents. His family moved to California in 1914.
Morrison’s film debut was in 1928 with a film titled The Big Trail but it was a failure. After that he played for a few years the leading role in low-budget films. He used the name Duke Morrison in many of those years of movie action. Always the rugged and stalwart leader of men, his roles were usually as cowboys or soldiers. Other than the classic film Stagecoach, Morrison also starred in Red River (1948), Sands of Iwo Jima (1950) and The Quiet Man (1952) and others.
Reportedly his nickname Duke was a result of his love for his dog of that name. He was a prolific film actor. He won the Academy Award as Best Actor for his performance in the film True Grit. Some other of Morrison’s films were The Long Voyage Home (1940), The Spoilers (1942), She Wore a Yellow ribbon (1949), The Searchers (1956), Rio Bravo (1959), The Comancheros (1961) and The Green Berets (1969).
Now who is this man who became so successful in the action movie business? A number of famous movie stars change their name to become more recognizable to their fans before they are successful. In case you haven’t caught on by now the man who was born Marion Morrison became John Wayne. And that is the name folks remember him today.
Before his long and star-studded career began, he helped his father in the drug store his father had established. He also worked as a delivery boy. He played football in high school and was accepted to the University of Southern California but he left that school after two years.
If I remember correctly Wayne was active in politics, being somewhat conservative on the political spectrum.
John Wayne left large number of great motion pictures. Few people remember his birth name but you can be pretty sure there are few who don’t know the name John Wayne.