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Swift recounts a lifetome worth of United States presidents

As I was reflecting on my life and times recently, I thought about the number of U.S. presidents that have served during my sojourn on this orb called earth. After counting backwards from the present President Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt, I found that I’ve lived with 13 presidents at the helm since I was born in 1938. I was born during Roosevelt’s second term. He was elected four times. After that Congress limited the number of times a person could be elected to two terms. One important event during his administration was the Social Security Act and I’m confident most folks believe it was a good law. It was during his watch that Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. Subsequently, the United States declared War on Japan. Declarations of War soon followed against Germany and Italy. Roosevelt was first elected in 1932. He died of a stroke while in office in 1945.
The next president in succession who served during my lifetime was Harry S. Truman. I understand the “S” was not an initial for a middle name but was just the letter only. Truman was Roosevelt’s Vice President and he was sworn in as president following the death of Roosevelt on April 12, 1945. He was later elected and served one term. He ordered the dropping of atomic bombs on two Japanese cities which brought about the end of World War II. Truman relieved General Douglas MacArthur of his command because of a difference of opinion about the Korean War.
Dwight David Eisenhower was the next president. A war hero, having risen to the rank of five star general, Eisenhower was elected in 1953 and served eight years. His last military post before becoming president was as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces. Under his watch the U. S. launched its first satellite in orbit — Explorer. Alaska became the 49th state during his presidency. Hawaii was admitted into the Union as the 50th state.
John F. Kennedy’s duty as president began in 1961 and he served one term and part of another as he was assassinated in the third year of his second term. During Kennedy’s service in office, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth. The Cuban Missile Crisis took place during his time in office. I was in the Army at Fort Eustis, Virginia at the time. We were packed and ready to go if the order came. But, thankfully the situation was settled before we had to go.
Lyndon B. Johnson was vice president when Kennedy died so he was sworn in as president. During his time in office, several events took place including The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. The Department of Transportation was also created. Also, the fighting in Korea escalated during his time in office.
Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968 and served five years, 201 days. He resigned August 9, 1974 due to the so-called Watergate Scandal. During his presidency American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon.
Gerald R. Ford was next. As vice president Ford became president following Nixon’s resignation. There was an attempt to assassinate Ford in 1975. Viking I landed on Mars during his presidency.
James (Jimmy) Carter was elected president in 1976. He had been a Navy officer, a peanut farmer, a Georgia state senator, governor of Georgia before being elected to America’s highest office. In 1980 during his only term as president, the U. S. boycotted Olympics in Moscow. In 1979 the Iranians seized over 50 Americans at the Embassy in Tehran.
Ronald Reagan served eight years as president. He was a victim of an assassination attempt. He was wounded but eventually recovered. He appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court — Sandra Day O’Connor. Sally Ride became the first American women in space.
Then followed in the presidency George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The first Bush saw the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Clinton is know for presiding over the first budget surplus since1969, George W. Bush ordered troops into Iraq and in February of 2003 the space shuttle exploded during re-entry from orbit, killing all crew members. Obama is serving in his second term. He recently gave his second State of the Union speech in which he outlined some of the achievements he hopes to accomplish during the rest of his presidency.