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Swift has written a lot of columns since This ‘N’ That made its debut

By:  Jack Swift

Not too long ago it dawned on me that I have written a lot of columns since This ‘N’ That made its début in August of 2003. Of course I keep a record of each column and sometimes go back and review some to refresh my memory of some of them.
The number of columns I have written, including last week’s is 668. Folks that is a lot of columns not to mention words and it has been a privilege to write this column over the years (14 years as a matter of fact.) Many folks have told me that they enjoy reading it, and I really appreciate that.

In thinking about my columns of the past, I thought I would go back and revisit some of them. Perhaps one of the most dramatic columns I have written was the one about the only legal hanging ever conducted in Johnson County. The event took place in Mountain City and people came from miles around to witness the event.
My columns have quite diverse.  I’ve written about many people and events over the years. I have had folks tell me that they enjoy looking back to what many would describe as a simpler time, but perhaps some would not.
Western movie stars, Johnson County and Mountain City history, American History, The State of Franklin, the railroad in Mountain City, the Bean Festival when green beans were grown all over Johnson County and the county was called the “Green Bean Capitol of the world,” have been subjects of this column since its inception in July of 2003. This column has also included my writings on many other subjects such as mathematics and science, poets and poetry, the great occupation of farming, former businesses in Johnson County, etc.
Some of my most recent columns dealt with some of the old stores that existed before the supermarkets came to the county. I described some that I remembered and folks started calling, e-mailing, and writing about their memories of the old stores that were near them.
A good number of columns I have written were about the history of Johnson County and its beautiful and unique heritage. The column, I think, has an appropriate title in that my subjects vary and you never know what next weeks column will be about.
Here’s hoping that I can write many more columns and you, my readers, will continue to read it each week. Thank you.