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Sweet harvest

By Jinifer Rae

“Corn is nature’s candy!” my daughter exclaimed while happily munching on fresh corn on the cob during dinner. Being smothered in butter and lightly salted made this particular side dish delicious. But perhaps what made it even more special was thinking of how this sweet treat made it to our table. The corn was a recent gift from my neighbor’s garden. I have discovered that an unending source of delight has been to walk around the neighborhood and admire all the gardens. Not one day has passed that I have not enjoyed seeing those beautiful vegetable plots.

This spring, I enjoyed watching all my neighbors working in their yards, preparing the soil, planting seeds, weeding and watering as needed. The love and dedication given to making a successful garden is a wonderful thing to see. As this year’s crop grew, I was thrilled to see the first sprouts emerge from the ground. Watching the little shoots of green peeking through the soil was a miracle happening right before my eyes. The corn grew from little sprouts to tall stalks, and I began to wonder when corn matured. When was it able to be picked? Late summer? I realized as I walked around my neighborhood, I had no clue when corn was harvested.

I did remember when I was growing up my mother always saying, “corn should be knee high by the fourth of July,” but that seemed more like a gauge for how the corn was to grow, not when it was ready for harvest. In today’s technological world, it would have been super easy to learn when
corn season is. However, I did not need to do any research to find the answer. Upon arriving home recently, my husband and I discovered a bag
of yellow corn placed at the foot of our mailbox. Our neighbor shared some of his beloved crops with us. Apparently, corn-harvesting time is in July. The excitement in our house was palpable that afternoon since my husband could not wait to cook up the corn, which we ate for dinner, and it was delicious and sweet; tasted like candy.