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Steve Roman in need of expensive treatment for emphysema

15610629_1477587572-8479Steve Roman of Mountain City, TN has suffered with COPD and emphysema for approximately five years. Up until then, his health was good. He used to love social activities, especially dancing with his wife but his health has deteriorated rapidly. His lung capacity at this point is 16 percent. Even with oxygen, even getting out of bed is a struggle. He can barely walk 50 feet without getting out of breath. He is afraid of running out of oxygen and has become a recluse.
A Go-Fund-Me account has been set up to raise funding so Steve can have an autologous stem cell treatment, double venous. The cost for this procedure is $12,000. Unfortunately, there is no insurance coverage for this treatment at this time.
The cost includes six days of outpatient treatment where stem cells are removed, separated and then go right back into his body. The procedure itself lasts for three days. The fee includes follow up care for at least 12 months. Information from the Lung Institute states 84 percent of patients have been able to improve their lung function up to 55 percent and sometimes reduce the need for oxygen.
There will be a story in next week’s Tomahawk with more details on how the community can help Steven regain his qualify of life.