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Republican Bill Lee is running for governor

Republican Bill Lee is running for governor of Tennessee. Growing up in Williamson County, a place he still calls home, Lee, a seventh generation Tennessean, grew up on a farm. He continues to run the farm where he lives with his family and raises Hereford cattle. Additionally, Lee is a business owner. “I’ve been fortunate to run a business with over 1,200 pipefitters, plumbers and welders,” he stated. “I have faced some challenges in my life that made me realize life is precious and I waned to be about big things like helping and serving others.”
Lee and his wife have been traveling across the state, meeting and talking with Tennesseans, and listening to their concerns. “We’ve seen that Tennesseans want a good job, a good school for their kids, and they want to live in a safe neighborhood, and I plan on addressing those as governor,” he stated. “I love Tennessee and after traveling and meeting with people across the state with my wife, Maria, I know we can help make it even better.  Currently, I wake up in the morning thinking about how to make life better for my 1,200 employees, but I thought what if it were my job were to make life better for 6.5 million Tennesseans.  That was a compelling thought, and that’s why I’m running for governor.”
Lee’s rural road trip tractor tour began in Mountain City this past week. The purpose of the tour was to highlight his Roadmap for Rural Tennessee plan. As Lee grew up in a rural community, he is aware of issues that impact both farmers and those who live outside the larger cities. According to Lee, he wants to invest in vocational, technical and agricultural education, giving those who are ready to graduate the opportunity to be ready for the work force. “

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