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Reminder of 1950 bad airplane crash at Johnson County farm

I had written a column several months ago about a plane crash that occurred in Johnson County. As you may remember from reading the column or from some other source, the crash occurred Friday, March 24, 1950. I was only 12 at the time, but I remember hearing people talk about that terrible event.
The plane was carrying two officials of the Mennonite Church; one was a lay leader in that church and the other was a missionary. Both were thrown from the airplane and were killed on impact with the ground. The plane came to rest on the late Quincy Brown farm. The wreckage of the plane was scattered over nearly half a mile area and the cabin fell into a meadow in front of Brown’s house. It was undetermined which man was piloting the airplane.
Reportable, the men were en route from Knoxville to Roanoke and Harrisonburg when the accident occurred. One of the men was Jacob A. Shenk of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Shenk was not only affiliated with the Mennonite Church, but was also a leading chicken and turkey hatchery man in Virginia.
Several people saw the plane before it went down. I talked with some of those people and from what they said, it made a huge impact on them. It was thought that a wing was sheared off due to the turbulence of a hail-thunderstorm that hit the area shortly before the accident.
A couple of my classmates at Johnson County High School were outside in Mountain City at that time and saw the plane and noticed it was in trouble. Some folks conjectured that if the men had been able to stay with the plane, they might have survived. Apparently their seat belt broke to cause them to be separated from the plane.
Granite markers were placed at the site where each man fell. The markers are on a hillside on what is now Hospital Road. Before writing my earlier column on the crash, I walked up to the markers and read and wrote down the inscriptions on them. I didn’t have my camera with me and I was unable to get a picture of them.
I had wanted to photograph the markers but there never seemed to be time or opportunity. All that changed recently when with the help of Billy Icenhour in locating them; I climbed the hill and photographed them. The grass was high and they were far from easy to find. But, after a few minutes we found them. I plan to keep the photos on file for historic reference. Perhaps there are pictures others have taken.
The inscription on the marker near the top of the hill reads: “Melvin H. Weaver, Happy with Christ In Glory, Body Found Here Following Airplane Accident, March 24, 1950.” The inscription on the other marker reads: “Jacob A. Shenk, Entered Eternal Rest March 24, 1950 Body Found Here Following Airplane Accident.”
I was unable to learn who placed the markers there to honor their memory, If anyone has that information, please let me know.