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Preparing and Planning Your Garden

By Sarah Ransom

There are many things to consider when preparing for the upcoming gardening season. The University of Tennessee has put together some great tips for preparing and planning your garden.
They have created a Tennessee Home Vegetable Garden Calendar that holds monthly tips and helpful to-do tasks for gardening.
The time is now right to start your transplants, beginning your warm-season crops now allows them to grow and be ready to transplant for maximum production.
Tomatoes are a great thing to start early. Preparations of your garden soil can begin now, tilling the cover crop and decomposing the material can take up to two-three weeks.
Early season growth can begin for cool-season crops that are seeded or transplanted two to six weeks before the frost date – it just depends on the crop.
Garden planning provides the ability to help save money, save time and prepare your space to maximize your crop harvest.
By planning what vegetables and crops you will plant, you can work to provide proper space for each crop, have a disease prevention plan and work to rotate crops to provide them maximum nutrients. There are warm and cold season crops.
Warm season crops tend to do very well against last Tennessee summer heat. Cool season crops can be an early or late harvest in Tennessee, just as long as they miss the hottest part of the summer season.
As you plan your garden, think about what will grow best in the space you have and what you will
productively use.
Purchase your seed from reputable suppliers and be sure to properly store any seed purchased. You can direct seed or transplant certain plants straight into your garden.
No matter what you want to plant, having a plan makes your job easier.
If you would like more information on the planting calendar or how to better prepare your garden – check out these additional articles.

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