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Payne, Wiley, Hayworth and Icenhour to hold book signing this Saturday

Author Laura Hayworth, left, and illustrator Amber Icenhour will be on hand at the library on Saturday to sign their new book, “Jesus is Coming Back! Are you ready?”
Author Laura Hayworth, left, and illustrator Amber Icenhour will be on hand at the library on Saturday to sign their new book, “Jesus is Coming Back! Are you ready?”

On October 15 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm., several local authors will be at the Johnson County Library and will be available for signing copies of their new books. Janet Payne, who has written a factual book spanning a hundred years, takes her readers from the mountains of Johnson County to Europe and back again home again.  The book, When a Blue Star Turns to Gold, traces the life of Sarah Dyson and the trip she made 100 years ago to visit her son’s grave in France, as one of the original “Gold Star Mothers.”
Dyson’s son, Don S. Williams, was drafted during World War I and died in action in France on October 16, 1918. Payne made the trip to France after spending years going through both memoirs and diaries in order to tell Dyson’s story.
Local author Ken Wiley is the author of 72 Hours That Changed The World.  According to Wiley, it is a factual but untold story of the decisions made by both America and Japan in mid August 1945 and how they changed the world as we know it today. According to Wiley, this book could not have been written, except for recent discoveries from the Japanese archives, describing the Japanese “Special Attack” program with suicide weapons to defend their homeland, when they were invaded on November first, 1945.  The book describes the war in the Pacific in great detail. Wiley is also the author of D Days in the Pacific with the US Coastguard: The Story of Lucky Thirteen.  He won the 2008 Foundation for Coast Guard History Book Award for this book.  Wiley is planning on donating a copy of his new book to the Johnson County Library.
Laura Hayworth and Amber Icenhour recently worked together as Hayworth authored her first book Jesus is Coming Back! Are you ready?  Icenhour, who is a freelance illustrator, was the artist behind the artwork in the book.  According to Hayworth, the book is geared for children age four through 12.  “I’ve always wanted to write a book about salvation,” Hayworth said. “The book is about the steps to be saved and have eternal life in heaven.”
According to Icenhour, Hayworth gave her a script and what artwork she would like to correspond with each page.  “She did an excellent job of bringing it to life,” Hayworth said. According to Icenhour, the process of creating the artwork for the book is all about taking what the author wants and sometimes it’s about taking artist license, too.  The artwork for the book took between two and three months.  According to Icenhour the process involves sketching, inking and then adding color.
According to Hayworth, the book came out in early October.  “We’re not trying to make a profit.  It’s like a donation to society,” she added. “My prayer is that people will be saved by reading it.”
The process of writing, artwork and publishing the book took approximately two and a half years.  You can pick up copies at the local library, or purchase them on or at Barnes and Noble.