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Old JCHS Yearbook is interesting

By:  Jack Swift

As I was working on the day’s crossword puzzle recently, I noticed my wife Mary was showing a lot of interest in a book. The book she was reading was the Yearbook of the class of 1941, The Arcadian. We were unable to remember when or where she acquired the annual. But we felt that perhaps it was at a yard sale. It sure was interesting and I thought I would pass along to my readers some of its contents. The first printed page included the title and year of the book. Pictured at the top of page 2 was the Johnson County High School as it appeared at that time. At the bottom of the page was a picture of Paul T. Everett, Superintendent of Schools at the time. Pictured on page 3 were pictures of Miss Della Hawkins and Coach R. S. Phillippi. Beneath the photos was a dedicatory paragraph that read, “As a token of sincere appreciation for their faithful and untiring work with us, we, the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and forty-one, lovingly dedicate this issue of The Arcadian to two of our friends and instructors.” The next page included photos of each of the faculty: Carolyn Rhea, Librarian; Ivan J. Donnelly, Principal—Mathematics; Hazel Ward, English; R. S. Phillippi Coach—History and Manual Training; Della Hawkins, Languages; Ray S. Shoun, Science—Assistant Coach; Frances Shoun, Home Economics; Paul H. McEwen, Social Science and Assistant Coach; and Mrs. J. R. Butler, Piano and Voice. Individual senior pictures were featured for the next few pages. James Reece was class president. June Blevins was secretary, Albert Dotson was Vice-president and Lorraine Gentry was treasurer. A group picture and a list of Junior Class members were on the next page. A group picture and a list of sophomores as well as a group picture and a list of freshmen were on the following pages. Superlatives included Hal Smith, Arcadian King; Jean McPherson, Arcadian Queen; Lena Stout, Miss Senior; Juanita Howard, Miss Junior; Lois Arnold, Miss Sophomore; and Francis Farris, Miss Freshman. The Arcadian Staff consisted of James Reece, Editor; Robert Butler, Business Manager; Tommy Gilmore, Assistant Editor; Malcolm Hawkins, Assistant Business Manager; Dwight Shupe, Advertising Manager; Lena Stout, Snapshot Editor; George Mink, Assistant Snapshot Editor; Tom Laws, Athletics Editor; Charlotte Wilson, Art Editor; Trula Howard, Script Editor; Dean Blackburn, Senior Representative; R. L. Fenner, Junior Representative; Reed Slemp, Sophomore Representative; and John Butler, Freshman Representative. There were group pictures of the sports teams as well as candid photos in special pages of the Yearbook. In football JCHS played teams such as Meadowview, Glade Springs, Marion, Gate City, Erwin, Lansing, Cranberry, Abingdon Rich Valley and others.