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Of Jeff Carrier's cemetery book, Stout's Store and local historical pictorial book

Jeffrey Carrier’s Cemetery Book Republished; Butler Museum, Stout’s Store to Open for New Season; Historical Society Pictorial Book for Sale at Welcome Center

How many times have I heard someone say, “Is that book Jeffrey Carrier compiled on Johnson County cemeteries still in print”? Well, it wasn’t, but it is now. Until now I could only say, “no, but I’m hoping it will be reprinted.” My wish has come true. The book “Upon a Lonely Hill” was originally published in December of 1984, and contains a listing of each cemetery in Johnson County, the location of them and the gravesites contained in them.
Herman Tester and Dan Stansberry, with Carrier’s permission, recently republished the book in a larger and more usable format than the original. The book is 8 ½ inches by 11 inches, spiral bound with cemeteries listed in alphabetical order in a table of contents in the front of the book and an index of individual names in the back of the book. It is a valuable tool for historians and genealogists.
The book was out of print for some 20 years. Tester designed the front cover of the reprinted book, which includes a photo of Dry Hill Cemetery by Stansberry. The back cover, designed by Tester, includes a photo of the Old Grindstaff Cemetery by Roland Tester. The 357-page inch-thick book is available at the Butler Museum, the Johnson County Welcome Center or online at For further information, you may call Tester at 753-6961 or Stansberry at 753-4973.
In Carrier’s preface to the newly printed book, he writes how he began the task in July of 1979 when he walked to the Donnelly Cemetery just north of Mountain City and began the project that took six years to complete. He was 16 years old when the project began. He battled insects, rough roads, steep hills and a host of other inconveniences as he traversed Johnson County in what can truly be described as a challenging project. Carrier’s tenacity in completing the task is commendable. Through his efforts and that of Tester and Stansberry, genealogists and historians have access to a treasure of information that can aid them in their research.

Butler Museum And Stout Store Hours
The Butler Museum (including the old Stanley Stout Store) will open for the 2012 season with tours over the Memorial Day Weekend with regular hours 1-4 p.m. on Friday, May 25 and Sunday May 27, while on Saturday, May 26 the hours will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Regular tours will be offered to the public on Friday and Sunday while, on Saturday in addition to the tours, a rummage/yard sale will take place at the old store and food will be available.
Regular tours for the Museum this season will be Saturdays and Sundays 1 to 4 p.m. and for group tours at anytime call 768-2462 or 542-4427 to schedule. The Museum website is may also visit for information about Butler Museum and the Watauga Lake area.

Pictorial History of Johnson County For Sale
If you haven’t purchased your copy of the Pictorial History of Johnson County published by the Johnson County Historical Society, don’t put it off. The book consists of many interesting photos of Johnson County and its people from an earlier time. The books are available at the Johnson County Welcome Center.