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N.A.P accepted

The Johnson County Farm Service Agency will be accepting applications for the Noninsured Assistance Program (NAP) through March 15, 2018 for beans, sweet corn, cantaloupe, cucumbers, peas, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, sorghum, soybeans, squash, tomatoes, and watermelon. February 28, 2018 is the sales closing date for sunflowers. The sales closing date for nursery is May 1, 2018. Coverage will be for the 2018 crop year. The NAP program covers commercial crops produced for food and fiber, except livestock, for which Catastrophic Crop Insurance is not available. Limited resource producers may request a waiver of the service fee. NAP provides coverage based on the amount of loss that exceeds 50 percent of expected production at 55 percent of the average market price for the crop. For 2018 additional coverage levels ranging from 50 to 65 percent of production is available at 100 percent of the average market price. Producers who elect additional coverage must pay a premium in addition to the service fee.

FSA uses acreage reports to verify the existence of the crop and to record the number of acres covered. May 31 is the acreage reporting date for nursery. For most other crops the acreage reporting date is July 15, 2018. If a crop is affected by a natural disaster the producer must notify the FSA office within 15 calendar days of the disaster occurrence or when losses become apparent. Further information on the NAP program is available at the Johnson County Farm Service Agency at 119 S Murphey Street, Mountain City, TN or by telephone at (423) 727-9744. Information is also available on FSA’s website at