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Mountain City names November 1st as ‘Alderman Harry A. Wills Memorial Day’

By Bonnie Davis Guy

The town of Mountain City, November city council meeting began with the council honoring Officer Joey Norris for 20 years of service with the police department. Norris was given a letter and plaque of recognition, as well as a gift certificate in appreciation. He was thanked for all of for his hard work and dedication to the department and the city. No other public hearings or presentations were on the agenda so the council moved forward to the consent calendar. The October minutes as well as the second and final reading of budget amendment ordinance number 1521 and number 1522 for equipment and vehicle parts was approved with an all yes roll call.
Council members were next up with concerns and comments. Alderman Bob Morrison was first to speak. Morrison stated he had recently seen ATVs in the Pioneer Shopping Plaza parking lot and felt like the Doe Mountain Trail riders will be adding to the overall economy of the city, especially after they can cross over the highway to McDonald’s and the Quick Shop. Morrison also expressed a “thank you to the city employees and officers for a safe Halloween.”  He also presented the council with a proclamation naming November 1,2016 as Alderman Harry A. Wills Memorial Day in recognition and honoring Wills’ memory. Wills not only served the town of Mountain City as an alderman, he also coached little league and senior league baseball. He served his country in the United States Army.  He and his wife of 49 years, Nancy Eller Wills, adopted eight children giving them a loving Christian start to life. He served his church as a Sunday school teacher, interim and substitute pastor and then full time pastor.
Following the signing of the proclamation for Wills, the meeting returned to the comment and concern portion of the agenda.  For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week’s Tomahawk.