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Mountain City Elementary Celebrates Reading

Books are magical, and Mountain City Elementary put on a display which allowed each student to learn something new, expand their mind and boost their imagination. MCE students designed creative projects highlighting their favorite book and displayed the projects in a Reading Fair for families and visitors to enjoy.
The goal of the Reading Fair was to instill a lifelong love of reading and all projects exceeded expectations. A first, second, and third place project was chosen from each classroom.
2018 Reading Fair winners
Kindergarten:Mrs. Davis- 1st Place Tristan Eckert, 2nd Evan Perkins, 3rd Lucas Cretsinger; Mrs. Eckert 1st Place-Mariano Espinoza, 2nd Daniella Eppard, 3rd Bailey Rice; Mrs. Wills 1st Place-Kaylee Mahala, 2nd Judah Norman, 3rd Levi Bishop.
First Grade: Mrs. Arnold- 1st Place-McKenzie Jennings, 2nd Sara Beth Pennington, and 3rd Elizabeth Mann; Ms. Hyder 1st Place-Lily Berger, 2nd Mason Gregg, 3rd Ethan Wilson; Mrs. Trista Wilson 1st Place-Braylin Hansen, 2nd Addison Joyce, 3rd Ellie Beth Icenhour.
Second Grade: Mrs. Cornett- 1st Place-Katey Marshall, 2nd Lauren Henley, 3rd Lindsey Bryan; Mrs. Dunn 1st Place-Clara Wilson, 2nd Alex Espinoza, 3rd Reese Wells; Ms. Lisa Wilson 1st Place-River Burgess, 2nd Madeline Davis, 3rd Ivy Abernathy.
Third Grade: Mrs. Childers- 1st Place- Hailey Keating, 2nd Madelynn Long, 3rd Eli Norris; Mrs. Howell 1st Place-Hunter McElyea, 2nd Sophia Lin, 3rd Jillian Hatley; Mrs. Osborne 1st Place-Aiden Hope, 2nd Clayton Furches, 3rd Carson Dorman.
Fourth Grade: Mrs. Greer- 1st Place- Ella Icenhour, 2nd Maelie Luckett, 3rd Michael Watson; Mrs. Icenhour 1st Place-Kacelynn Dunn, 2nd McKenzie Mosley, 3rd Gustavo Martinez; Mrs. Long- 1st Place-Jalyn Blevins, 2nd Karlie Jo Fletcher, 3rd Addy Snyder and Karleigh Sutherland;
Fifth Grade: Mrs. Chambers- 1st Place-Carson Jennings, 2nd Keegan Wright, 3rd Emma Dugger; Ms. Parrish 1st Place – Kaden Blevin, 2nd Emily Orr, 3rd Jayden Bishop; Mrs. Shepherd 1st Place-Christopher Canter, 2nd Hayden Parker, 3rd Ethan Smith;
Sixth Grade: Mrs. Gentry 1st Place-Mimi Zaldivar, 2nd Allison Trivette, 3rd Carter Rhudy; Mrs. Henson 1st Place-Ghania Baig, 2nd Nate Dorman, 3rd Ethan Ward; Mrs. Joyner 1st Place-Cameron Crowder, 2nd Sara Ward, and 3rd Ivy Lakatos.