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Mountain City elects new mayor, county continues overwhelming Republican vote

Tuesday, November 5th was the 2016 General Election. The statistics for Johnson County are below.
In the race for President and Vice President of the United States, Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 5,400 votes, at 81.94 percent.  Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine received 988 votes at 14.99 percent of the vote in Johnson County.
In the race for the United States House of Representatives, First District, Republican Phil Roe won with 5064 votes, or 81.76 percent.
In the race for Tennessee Senate 4th District, Republican Jon Lundberg won with 5004 votes at 98.99 percent of the vote.
In the race for Tennessee House Third District, Republican Timothy Hill took 5267 votes at 88.36 percent of the vote. “I want to thank the people of Johnson County who have chosen to send me back to Nashville to be their conservative voice and to represent their interests,” said Hill. “It is humbling and a tremendous honor to receive this strong vote of confidence. I will continue to have an open door and do my best to listen to constituents concerns as they come up.”
In the race for aldermen for the Town of Mountain City, there were two positions available.  Jerry Jordan received 697 votes at 50.56 percent and Bob Morrison received 512 votes at 37.16 percent.
In the race for Mayor of the Town of Mountain City, Kevin Parsons won with 518 votes at 57.24 percent of the vote.
“During the campaign, I talked with many people who share a similar vision to mine as for the future of the town and their vote proved that,” said newly elected mayor, Kevin Parsons. “ I appreciate my wife Ann, my parents, my children, my family and friends for their support and thank each person who voted for me. Communities with a vision for the future will always be more successful than communities that just accept whatever comes along.  We have done it before when our community came together and took an old dirty, dilapidated industry building in town and turned it into a vibrant and well used community center.  Our community also had a vision for the future to have a performing arts center and as far as I am concerned went above and beyond that with our beautiful Heritage Hall.  Many of those same citizens have told me that they are chomping at the bit to undertake a new project and under my administration we are going to get together and decide on another project to bring growth and positive change.  If anyone has a vision for the future, we want to hear it so please contact me whether it be big or small as long as it helps us grow.”
“When I served as mayor before I made mistakes. I made some decisions that despite my best efforts upset some people and I realize that you can’t please everyone but to anyone I offended or hurt, I sincerely apologize and offer my hand of fellowship beginning today,” Parsons continued. “I want us to all work together because together we achieve more. We want to work with our chamber of commerce and county government to help fill our empty buildings on Main Street with many of the items we can’t buy locally today and in doing so will create new jobs. Doe Mountain recreation is going to grow and we are going to find a happy median with our residents and businesses to further support this treasure that the state has given to us. I have productively served with three of our four fine aldermen like Kenny Icenhour, who is one of the best listeners I know and I grew up with Bud Crosswhite and while we don’t always agree on everything, he like me, has the best interest of the town in his heart. ”

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