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Milestone reached in publishing of history of Johnson County, Volume III

Several months ago the Johnson County Historical Society elected to publish a History of Johnson County Volume III. The Society had already published Volume I and Volume II and both of them continue to be highly successful. Volume I was published in 1986 and Volume II was published in the year 2000. Volume II was published 14 years after Volume I was published. It was suggested that considering that 15 years had passed since Volume II was published, perhaps it was time to think about a Volume III edition in which folks could submit new family histories and add to or correct stories in the first two books.
Several folks had asked over the past few years if or when another book might be published. Many people had failed to get their family histories in Volume II and hoped to do so in a new volume. And so, the Society set out to publish another book.
A milestone was truly reached Wednesday, June 10, when Kathy Terrill and Janie Gentry departed the Johnson County Welcome Center on their way to turn the first draft of the book over to the publisher in North Carolina.

Just as the first two volumes, Volume III will have upon its publication a great deal of interesting articles about East Tennessee, Johnson County and Mountain City. But perhaps the highlight of the book will be the many fascinating family histories that are included in it. Moreover, a section of the book will include pictures and stories of military personnel.
The chairperson of the Book Committee is Kathy Terrill. Committee members were Malcolm and Sue Howard and Ted and Janie Gentry. My wife Mary and I were on the Advertising Committee. Society officers are Janie Gentry, President; Bob Morrison, Vice President; Jessie DiProspero, Treasurer; and Sue Howard, Secretary.

The Society has been very active since its beginning in 1977. With the publishing of History of Johnson County Volume I and Volume II plus a Pictorial History of Johnson County, the Society has been in the forefront of living up to its motto: “Bringing the Past to the Present.” Moreover, the Society was also very instrumental in building the Welcome Center and establishing a museum in it.
So a milestone has truly been reached. There are other tasks to do before the book is available but all of us in the Johnson County Historical Society are looking forward to the project’s completion.

Pre-publication orders may be submitted. The price of the book is $62.00 picked up in Mountain City, TN (includes tax) or $70.00 shipped to the customer (includes tax, shipping and handling).