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Letters to the Editor

Shocked and outraged

Dear Editor
I am shocked and outraged as a Johnson County taxpayer, which includes school taxes that the school board would allow a severance package to an employee, Barry Bishop, who has been indicted for missing fees from the school system before his trial even begins.
If that is the procedure they are planning, they should deduct the $50,000 allegedly missing from his severance/retirement package. If he is innocent, then refund him the $50,000.
Inmates who are already in prison, do receive their Social Security benefits but not till they acquire retirement AGE – 62.
His wife is employed by the school system, so they still have the means to pay their bills.
Gary Matheson from Shady Valley wanted answers, but the school board danced around them and had him removed. Shame on them! Carlton Howard should have been removed not the taxpayer. Please note, the President of the school board lives directly across the Bishop’s for many years and are neighbors.
The next school board meeting in November was posted in this week’s Tomahawk but FAILED to print the TIME of the meeting. Odd?

Betty J Remis
Mountain City TN