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A new beginning

I felt I should share this with all of you seniors out there.
Moving to Tennessee was filled with pleasant surprises. It was suggested that I join the Senior center.
At first I could not imagine doing this as i have never thought of myself as a senior (lol) but in doing so a new life opened up for me. The Johnson County Senior Center directed by Kathy Motsinger was more like a youth center. There are sio many fun and health related programs that I could not even begin to tell you all of them. You name it, and there it is.
Then there is the center’s van driver, Terry Hodges, who drives you to and fro and is patient and kind and helpful in any way you ned.
All you seniors out there come to the Senior Centerand enjoy a fun-filled life. you will feel young and spry, once again.
I can not say enough wonderful things about the Johnson County Senior Center.
Sincerely, Valerie Edes