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Johnson County Historical Society to publish volume III history book

The Johnson County Historical Society has been an influential part of the fabric of Johnson County since it inception in 1977. The motto of the Society is, “Bringing the Past to the Present.” The Society has had much success in doing that.
The Johnson County Historical Society has established a museum in the Johnson County Welcome Center on South Shady Street with many items of interest that relate to the Johnson County area.
Of all the projects the Society has undertaken over the last few years, perhaps two of the most important ones were the publication of the History of Johnson County Volumes I and II. Volume I was printed in 1986 and Volume II was printed in 2000. Those books have a wealth of information about Johnson County as well as family histories. The books are a valuable resource for genealogists or just someone who wishes to trace their family tree or learn more about their county. In 2011 the Society also published a book titled Pictorial History of Johnson County. All three books are for sale at the Welcome Center.
After Volume I was published, many folks saw how beautiful and informative it was and began inquiring when another book might be forthcoming, as they didn’t get their family story in the first one. Hence, Volume II was published. Many people have asked when there will be a Volume III. Well, the news is out. The Society has embarked upon publishing a brand new Volume III. A color brochure has been printed and distributed that details how to order books and how to submit family histories for publication in the book. Family stories, reminiscences and anecdotes, military photographs and book orders may be left at the Johnson County Welcome center.
The Society invites all residents, former residents and those with roots in Johnson County to submit family stories of 500 words double-spaced and one photograph each, and a Military section with 100 words double-spaced and one photograph, to be printed free! All words over 500 will be 10 cents per word. Extra pictures are $12.50 per picture. Do not submit original irreplaceable photos. Effort to return them will be made, but the Society will not be responsible for loss or damage. Submitted stories must be double spaced on bond paper and upper and lower case must be used.
This is a third chance for those who missed getting an article in Volumes I or II. Those who submit stories should not submit the same story printed in Volume I or II, but they may update or correct previous stories. You may only submit new information or write about someone not included in the earlier volumes.
These nine-inch by 12-inch hardback books will match the two prior volumes. The books will be red with gold stamping of the title and the county seal. Since this is a limited edition book, only these who order and pay in advance are guaranteed a copy. The books will be an excellent addition to your home library. Moreover, they will make excellent gifts for birthdays and holidays.
Each book is priced $62.00 including tax if picked up in Mountain City, TN, $70.00 including tax, shipping and handling if shipped to the customer. The above submission directions are only a few of the requirements for submitted material. Brochures with more complete information may be picked up at the Welcome Center on South Shady Street. The deadline for stories, photos and book orders is November 30, 2014.