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JCHS Yearbook Lists 30 Seniors in 1938

It is with much interest and nostalgia that I occasionally take down from the self my yearbooks for my years at good old Johnson County High School. I eagerly peruse the pages of those annuals to refresh my memory of those days gone by.
I am also excited to examine older JCHS yearbooks because they offer a look at those early years of the school that can only be found in yearbooks. Recently, my wife Mary was cleaning out a cabinet and found several old Tomahawks, some old magazines and some 8½ X 11 pages printed from the JCHS yearbooks of 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1942. I soon remembered that I had made those copies from borrowed annuals a number of years ago. Then and now the yearbook is called The Arcadian. The name Arcadian may have been taken from the following definition: “The Idealized representations of pastoral life in literature.” Arcadia also was a region of ancient Greece.
I was glad when she discovered those pages. I was particularly happy that the “find” included copies of some of the pages of the 1938 annual since I was born in March of ’38. For the remaining part of this column, I will pass along some of the information found in the 1938 yearbook. The advertisements aren’t included in the copies. It would have been interesting to see who the advertisers were in that day. I can think of no businesses that were on Main Street and Church Street in 1938 that are still around today.
The 1938 Arcadian staff consisted of Leslie Brooks, Editor; Paul Nave, Assistant Editor; Bill Laws, Business Manager; Sells Blevins, Assistant Business Manager; Eula Howard, Art; Lucile Lowe, Feature; Emiline Butler, Snaps; Buster Adams, Athletics; and Gertrude Forrester, Script. The Class of 1938 dedicated the Arcadian to Mrs. James R. Butler, director of music. Their dedicatory paragraph read:
“In appreciation of her friendly, helpful, and untiring assistance during our four years of high school, we the Class of 1938, dedicate this volume of the Arcadian to our friend and instructor, Mrs. James R. Butler.”
A picture of the old high school that now houses Heritage Hall and some county offices was included in the book. The picture shows the school before the south wing was built. The south wing housed the cafeteria on the ground floor, classrooms on the second floor and the lab on the third floor.
R. D. Fritts was the county schools superintendent; Ivan J. Donnelly was the principal and also taught Mathematics. The faculty consisted of Ruah Robinson, English and Social Science; Della Hawkins, Languages; R. S. Phillippi, Coach and History; Ray S. Shoun, Science and Assistant Coach; Helen Lane, Home Econom-ics; Mrs. John W. Smythe, Jr., Mathematics and Mrs. J. R. Butler, Piano and Voice.
The class officers were: Bill Evans, President; Buster Adams, Vice President; Emiline Butler, Secretary; and Gerald Hutchinson, Treasurer. There were 30 seniors in the class of ’38. Boys basket-ball was led by Coach Phillippi. Coach Shoun was at the helm for the girls basketball program. The football picture shows 20 mem-bers of the team with Coach Phillippi at the helm and Coach Shoun as his assistant.
When I was a senior, Mr. Fritts was Superintendent of Schools and Mr. Shoun taught Physics and Coached the Baseball Team.
It was indeed great to have a look back to the Class of 1938. It is well to remember that getting a high school education was more difficult at that time. There were no county school busses. Young people living in the outlying areas of Johnson County were at a disadvantage but some of them worked through the difficulties and were able to graduate.