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Ideas that changed the world

What would the world be like today if men and women of vision throughout the ages had not acted on their ideas and invented and marketed the many and myriad devices that have made our lives better? The washing machine, the automobile, the refrigerator, the television set, the farm tractor are just four of the inventions that have been invented and developed to make our lives easier. But oh how important those devices are! Those inventions have come about within the last 150 years or less.
These labor-saving inventions among others have saved time for many and have allowed folks a greater opportunity to enjoy the arts.
I remember seeing the Dennis the Menace comic strip some time ago in which Dennis excitedly tells his dad that someone in the neighborhood had a television that you could turn on or off at the television itself. Young people today have never known the frustration of walking to and from the television to make sure the picture quality is the best possible. I’m sure most of us who have a bit of age on us remember that.
Some of us remember when a television antenna could be seen at about every house. That was of course before cable television and satellite television.
At our house when I was growing up we had an antenna mast that could be turned. It was at a corner of our front porch and could be turned by hand. If my memory is correct we could pick up Jonson City’s WJHL, Bristol’s WCYB, Charlotte’s WBTV, Public Television out of Sneedville, Asheville’s WLOC and a few snowy others depending upon the weather.
Many inventions came about due to the work of many over time. Marconi pioneered in radio and that was certainly a precursor to television. Some of the earliest work in the field of television involved how to go about producing the picture. Of course black and white television came first and then color. Mechanical means of producing a picture were tried but were never practical. It was only when electronic solutions were tried that television became what it is today.
There was time when many folks spent almost all their lives in an area within a few miles of where they were born. Along came the horseless carriage that allowed a person to travel great distances in a relatively short time. While Henry Ford is noted for his various Ford cars, a number of inventors and scientists contributed to the development of the automobile.
While we probably don’t often think about it, the farm tractor was one of the most important inventions of all time. The farm tractor helped to increase production of food and fiber. The tractor helped to feed a hungry world.

Ideas were transformed into reality. In other words, it took ideas to invent, discover, develop and distribute the televisions, the automobiles, the tractors, the washing machines, etc. Some inventions are brainstorms of individuals. Some come about with efforts by many after much research and perseverance.