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Hobby Lobby's victory is a defeat of freedom

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

On Monday, June 30 the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. The controversy began when Hobby Lobby stated that they do not feel it is within their moral obligation to provide birth control and possibly abortions to their employees as a part of their health insurance coverage. Hobby Lobby cites that their stance is in line with their religious beliefs and therefore it is unconstitutional to force them to provide medical treatments that violate said beliefs. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby stating that privately owned companies cannot be forced to provide care that violates their religious beliefs.
Hobby Lobby is a Christian owned family business that claims to operate within Christian values. They give their employees Sundays off and they make no secret of their religious affiliations including donating to organizations such as “Need Him” and “Every Home for Christ,” to name a few. A company that gives back and takes care of their employees? Sounds great, right? Not so much. Hobby Lobby is a for-profit company that has made billions of dollars selling cheap goods. The cheap goods often bear a sticker that has unfortunately etched itself into American stores everywhere – Made In China.
You may be familiar with China’s “one-child policy,” which states that Chinese citizens (with varying exceptions) may only parent one child. The mandate is an effort to control the ever-growing Chinese population and is upheld forcefully in urban areas. It is upheld so forcefully in fact that some women who become pregnant with their second child are forced to have an abortion. China is also largely a culture that values sons over daughters and therefore has a sex-related infanticide rate much higher than the world average. Sex-selected abortions are illegal in China but widely believed to be socially acceptable. Chinese demographics only further support this belief. The ratio of live male births in China is significantly higher than much of the world, which leads many to believe that selective abortion is still practiced within Chinese society. So Hobby Lobby is against abortion but not against supporting a country that uses it as a form of population control?
The abortion issue aside, China is also frequently found in violation of child labor laws. Children as young as five years old are often forced to work their hands to the bone in hazardous conditions so that Americans can have access to cheap goods; cheap goods that are being sold in self-righteous Hobby Lobby stores all over America.
So thank you, David and Barbara Green, co-founders of Hobby Lobby. Thank you for protecting my freedoms by inviting the United States Government and my employer into my bedroom. Thank you for opening the floodgates for Jehovah’s Witness employers to tell their employees that blood transfusions will no longer be covered by insurance because it goes against their religious beliefs. Thank you for paving the way for employers that practice Scientology to tell their employees that use psychotropic drugs (including medications that treat bi-polar disorder, ADHD and schizophrenia to name a few) that they will no longer be privy to their medications. What an amazing victory for this “Christian based company.”
Perhaps the hypocrisy of David and Barbara Green will be celebrated as a victory for pro-lifers and conservatives. But before you sing the praises of losing yet another freedom; take a moment to remember what you’re singing about.