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Historical Society Publishes Pictorial History of Johnson County

At its inception the Johnson County Historical Society’s primary mission was to research and make available the history of Johnson County and to preserve it for future generations. Formed in 1977, The Society has not veered from those objectives during its 34-year existence. The society created the Historical Society Museum after the log building that also houses the Welcome Center was built in 1991. The museum is located in the South side of the building and many visitors have entered its doors during the last 20 years.
The Society has also published two historical volumes that continue to sell even though the earliest was published in 1986 and the latest was published in 2000.
Adding another such book was discussed by the membership, but it was decided this time to publish a smaller but less expensive book in our efforts to continue to promote Johnson County history. Plans were put into place and work began on the book about a year ago. And now, hot off the press, the Society presents its newest book: “Pictorial History of Johnson County.” The publishing of the book also celebrates the One Hundred Seventy Fifth Anniversary of Johnson County.
The book contains many photos divided into nine categories. The categories include: People and Scenes of Johnson County; Our Town; Schools of Johnson County; Churches of Johnson County; Music; Old Stores and Historic Buildings; Clubs and Organizations; Bands and Parades; and Farming and the Old Ways of Living.
The cover shows the old Johnson County High School as it was in the early 1900s. It is dated by the gravel driveway and the old autos parked along the driveway.
The books make great Christmas presents. They are available at the Johnson County Welcome Center for $22.00 each. Welcome Center Director, Karen Anderson and her assistants Carolyn Beebe and Azona Blevins are on hand to sell the books Monday through Friday and Judy Lewis comes in on Saturday and will have the books available.
You will have to see it to appreciate the quality of the book. You’ll travel down a nostalgic road as you view the buildings and scenes of a bygone time. There are plenty of family pictures as well as pictures of individuals who have been influential in weaving the fabric of this great area called Johnson County.
If you are someone who has never visited the Society’s museum, now is a good time to check it out and pick up a book. If you are interested in Johnson County History and want to see it preserved, you are welcome to join the Johnson County Historical Society. The Society meets each third Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m. in the lower level of the Welcome Center.
The current Johnson County Historical Society president is Malcolm Howard, who has served two terms as president. Grace Davis is the current Vice-President and she is president elect for 2012. Howard will serve as Vice-President in 2012. Other current officers include; Sue Howard, Treasurer; and Mary Swift, Secretary. They will return in the same offices in 2012.