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‘Guacamole Queens’ promises more laughs next weekend at Heritage Hall

IMG_5954By Paula Walter

The Johnson County Community Theatre debuted its production of Last Roundup of the Guacamole Queens this past Friday evening at Heritage Hall.  The play, written by the team of Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, is set in Sweetgum, Texas.
The curtain opens and the audience gets a peek inside the Wide Bride Boutique run by the Verdeen cousins, Gaynelle, Peaches and Jimmie Wyvette.  Business has been slow lately as the brides haven’t been quite so large and wide as in the past. Judy Walsh, Trish Burchette and Jackie Mann play the cousins. Peaches supplements her income by working as the local mortuary cosmetologist and consequently has trouble finding men to date since she had her husband falsely declared dead.
The boutique isn’t doing well financially and the women are desperately trying to build up a new business, all the while planning the last and best ever reunion at Sweetgum High School.  Not only are they running out of time to plan the event, but it must be done before their old high school building is demolished.  To add to their stress, the cousins discover the governor of Texas will be at the gathering.  They desperately want to prove their new party-planning endeavor will be top notch and want everything to go without a hitch.
Despite continued personal crises and family problems, the cousins do not lose faith that they can make the reunion a huge success.  Uncle Aubrey, played by Michael Eggers, who appears to have been pushing 90, is dating two elderly sisters at the same time. Kathy Henderson and Karla Prudhomme play Ennis Crowder Puckett and Della Crowder. Aunt LaMerle, played by Janet Griffith, is adamant that she will be the last Guacamole Queen of Sweetgum High School and will do anything in her power to grab that coveted title. Dewy Davenport, played Derek Dickson, carries a malicious hand puppet that has an axe to grind with previous classmates.  Jimmie Wyvette ties up Sheriff Grover Lout, played by John Mann, with police tape before the high school gym is blown up.   Lout, in an effort to catch Jimmie Wyvette, hops across the stage in fine form, secured firmly by all the tape.  Stunned by the explosion that occurs at the high school gym, all Jimmie Wyvette can say over and over is “Kaboom.”  There is also a dead body to deal with.  Raynerd Chisum, played by Dr. Don Tarr, tries to warn everyone that “something bad is going to happen out in the street.”This play is not to be missed. There will be two more productions on June 10 and June 11th at 7:00 pm. There is no Sunday show. Call 727-7444 for tickets and information.