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Gambill reflects on blessings in her life

By Angie A. Gambill

I am thankful
…for my two Joseph’s and an Audrey
…that my husband cooks supper since his retirement
…that Bizzie’s brought back chicken bites
…for a church family that genuinely loves each other
…that Star Wars is still alive and well
…that my grandsons go through my cabinets to see what snacks Nina is hiding
…that the Longhorns made JCHS football history
…that Jesus teaches me something every day
…for clean, cold spring water running through our yard
…that somebody invented microwave movie butter popcorn
…for my children that stand up for others even when they don’t agree with them
…that our family still gets together on holidays even after Mama and Daddy’s passing
…for Pentatonix music at Christmastime
…for a few hours to myself on Friday evenings
…that most of my children and grandchildren live within yelling distance of my back door
…for God taking care of us throughout Gary’s accident and recovery
…for my three grandsons and that I’ll get to hold my first granddaughter this Christmas
…that my husband still sends me flowers after 40 years together
…for the new family that we gained with our twins
…for being a part of a wonderful and caring community
…for all the “babies” that have spent time in our home
…that I’m old enough to know what I believe but young enough to listen to others’ without feeling threatened
…for my best friend and sister of the heart
…that my dad taught me that silence isn’t always golden, sometimes it’s plain yellow
…that my dog finally stopped sleeping on top of my shoes in my closet
…for the gorgeous flowers of summer
…and lastly, I’m thankful and blessed to live in the most beautiful place in the world