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Fourth of July celebration in Mountain City is one to remember

fireworks.10Mountain City held its annual Fourth of July parade under warm and sunny skies. This year, Tennessee State Representative Timothy Hill was the grand marshal.  As this is an election year, candidates for Tennessee’s state senate Jon Lundberg, Neal Kerney and Tony Shipley were part of the festivities, as well as Matthew Lewis, who is running for reelection for Johnson County Property Assessor and challenger Michael Trivette. Although the crowd was smaller this year than in past parades, there was excitement in the air as each car, truck and float was greeted by cheers and smiles as the parade made their way down Main Street.  The fireworks display, held at Ralph Stout Park later that evening, was well attended as Johnson Countians rested on blankets, chairs and in the grass itself, eager to watch the night skies light up with a succession of brilliant colors and patterns.