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Expressing gratitude

Dear Editor,

When you think of the Cranberry Festival, you may think of a nice little gathering of food vendors, crafters, children’s activities, entertainers, and parade supporters, which it is.
But it is really so much more. It is a time and place for families and friends to reunite to visit each other and share the memories of their times at the cherished 81-year-old rock school.
People travel into the valley from other towns and states to enjoy the bean supper and participate in the auction headed up by none other than the former Tennessee Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey, and other auctioneers who so graciously donate their time. Politicians may be spotted in the crowd waiting to bid on those items that have caught their eye, especially the beautiful cake made each year by Chris Mahala. All of these contribute to giving those who attend the festival many wonderful memories.
During this Thanksgiving season, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who had a part in making our 27th Cranberry Festival a great success. (It is believed by many to be the largest crowd yet).
From the continual work of the festival committee to all those who contributed auction items, monetary donations, the volunteers who donated their time, and to those who attended and supported us in our efforts, we are sincerely grateful.
Through all this hard work and generosity, we are able to support the education of the children of the valley, now and in the future.

Shady Valley Elementary
Cranberry Festival Committee
Olan Bentley Scholarship