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Dewey Elementary School's reunion deemed a huge success

Dewey Elementary School was one of many schools in Johnson County that educated children so that they would have better opportunities in their later years. And considering the circumstances those schools did a very good job in my opinion. There have been 67 elementary schools in Johnson County. So many schools were needed so students could be in walking distance to their schools.

There were no busses to take students from home to school and back. With consolidation only five elementary schools remain. Some teachers I remember were Mrs. Rena Shoun, Mrs. Alta Loyd, Mr. Mark Reece, Mr. John A. Shoun and Mr. Clyde Wilson. Of course there were others who taught before my time at Dewey.

Dewey Elementary was one of those small schools scattered around Johnson County. Each school had one or two rooms with one or two teachers respectively. Grades one through eighth were taught. I am a graduate of Dewey Elementary. I was enrolled as a six-year-old in the spring of 1945. Dewey was the two-room, two-teacher school located on Highway 67 West. It was torn down several years ago. The new Dewey Christian Church building sits on or close to where Dewey School was located.
A reunion was held Saturday for all former students of Dewey Elementary School. My wife and I attended the reunion and enjoyed it so much. Seeing folks I hadn’t seen for many years was a delight. Seeing local friends and neighbors was also a nice part of the reunion. Twenty-five former students were present. Counting spouses and guests, there were 45 in all. Charles Winstead, a former student at Dewey, came all the way from Griffin, Georgia. He also provided T-shirts for the occasion. Printed on the T-shirts were these words: “Dewey Elementary School, Remember The Good Old Days of 1952.” Each T-shirt had a picture of the student body printed on the front.
The reunion was held in the Crewette Building across from the Rescue Squad. Meeting at 2 p.m. there was a time of fellowship, talking over old times and just enjoying the atmosphere. The Levi Retirees provided the outstanding meal. Chicken, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and a delicious dessert were among the dinner items. Following dinner former students were given a chance to tell of some of their experiences at Dewey. Prizes were also given to those who came from farthest away, the youngest, the oldest, and the one who also had children who were present who also were students of Dewey. A number of folks made pictures of the former Dewey students. After some time, the former Dewey students and their spouses or guests went their separate ways with memories refreshed of their time at good ole’ Dewey Elementary School.

Plans are to have another reunion next year on Saturday, October 18. Hopefully, there will be more who will attend when they hear how well the reunion was enjoyed by those who attended this year. Each former student at Dewey is asked to spread the word about next year’s reunion. I extend my personal thanks to those who came. And my special thanks to Lois, Jenny and James for their work in meeting and planning the reunion.