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Christian youth supports equal rights for all Americans

By: Ryan Gambill

As everyone who hasn’t spent the past several days living under a rock knows, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a ruling that legalized gay marriage in all states of the U.S. on Friday. What followed was a social media onslaught from both sides of the aisle that either declared the ruling a fantastic win for equality and a good day for humanity or the worst thing to happen ever in the history of humanity and that America has signed its own death warrant. 
I’m not here today to argue one side or the other for this particular issue. My opinion nor anyone else’s will change what the Supreme Court did on Friday. However, I would like to address an alarming theme I saw on social media, particularly a theme expressed by straight, white Christians. That theme is this, “Christianity is under attack,” and because of this ruling by the Supreme Court, the nail has been driven into Christianity’s coffin and it won’t be long before the Feds are busting down anyone’s door who professes Christianity and executing them.
As a straight, white Christian male I would like to make a statement. I am not being persecuted nor have I ever been. I stand as a proud Christian, and to put it one way, “I love me some Jesus.” I don’t feel in any way whatsoever that Ben and Jerry down the street being able to get married will at all impede my ability to worship God in the way I see fit.
Divorce is legal and yet for some reason I don’t hear Christians being locked up and persecuted because of that. I heard one visibly furious man claim that the Christian holocaust was imminent. First off, that’s a terrible insult to actual Holocaust victims. Secondly, what’s your evidence? Countless things defined by the Bible as sin are legal in this country and no Christian that I know of has been sent to jail for voicing their disagreement with that sin. I hardly need to note that Christians have come a very long way from being fed to lions in the Roman coliseum.
Now is there persecution of Christians in the world? Certainly, and I would do nothing to minimize the threats and violence that they suffer every day for simply worshipping the Christian God. But this is America. This is not one of those places. Christians are by far a majority in this country. Straight, white Christian males have basically ruled this country since it was founded and as more diverse sets of people come into the U.S., you can see their influence very slowly gaining. But no one is proposing sending Christians to concentration camps. Another group that is different from you gaining a right you’ve always had does not mean that same right will be taken away from you. To put it in the words of my favorite political satirist Jon Stewart, “…they (Christians) have taken this idea of no establishment as persecution, because they feel entitled, not to equal status, but to greater status.”
The sooner we as Christians face the fact that we are sitting very pretty in this country and stop worrying about who’s coming after us next, the sooner we can devote our lives to the simple message that Jesus preached – which was love. Jesus didn’t spend his days on earth fighting to secure his followers a protected place in the Roman Empire. He went into the streets and preached his Gospel to anyone willing to hear it and loved unconditionally.
I think we as a “Christian” country could gain a lot more by following his example than by getting on soapboxes and acting like we’re an oppressed minority.