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Butler Museum and Stout's General Store offer a good experience

My Visit Saturday to the Butler Museum and Stout’s General Store Was an Interesting Experience

Last Saturday was a beautiful day in Johnson County with a few fluffy clouds floating lazily in a light blue sky. The sun gave forth its warming rays but a slight breeze kept the day about as good as it gets when it comes to weather. It was a very nice day for the opening and summer and fall schedule of the Butler Museum, which took place Saturday at the museum site.
This years’ opening was a three-day event: Friday, May 30; Saturday, May 31; and Sunday, June 1. The Mu seum was open to the public each day and special activities took place on Saturday when bologna sandwiches, cheese and crackers, hot dogs, and soup beans and corn bread were served from the Old Stout Store.
The Stout Store was moved from its location on Highway 67 to the museum site a few years ago. It is a great addition to the overall museum complex. The store is reminiscent of the era when folks went to the local store to purchase food and other items. Some of them were general stores that stocked a great variety of items that were used in the rural homes and farms. Some people took chickens and or/eggs to barter for the things they needed.
This year’s schedule allows folks many opportunities to tour the museum and store. Beginning next weekend, June 7 and 8, the museum will be open each Saturday and Sunday through October 1:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. For Monday through Friday tours, those interested may call (423) 753-6961 in advance of the planned tour.

The museum became a reality when there was a coordinated effort by several people to preserve the heritage of the town of Butler, a thriving little town near the confluence of the Watauga River and Roan Creek, which was flooded in the late ‘40s to create Watauga Lake. The Butler Museum is a nostalgic reminder of the joys and pathos of an earlier time when Butler was a hub of commerce.
It was a great day to visit the Butler Museum. It was a great day for the official opening of the Butler Museum and my visit was made more memorable by the kindness of the folks I met. I really enjoyed sitting on the porch of Stout Store watching the day go by. My friend Herman Tester showed me a recent exhibit he designed and added to the museum that consists of several photos and documents concerning a large lumber mill that once operated near Old Butler. The exhibit features a 110-year- old panoramic photo of the company including the mill, buildings, trains and water towers. The exhibit also features a photo of the Luppert family who owned it.
You will be delighted with a visit to the Butler Museum. If you haven’t yet visited there, be sure to do so soon. If you’ve already visited the Museum, go back. It is interesting each time you visit there. It is good to spend some time and take in the nice exhibits that are on display.