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Angie shares her thoughts as she leaves The Tomahawk

By:  Angie Gambill


It’s time.
After almost 24 years as part of The Tomahawk, this will be my last column as editor. I cannot form the words of “I’m leaving” or “I’m no longer a part of the paper,” because my years here and the relationships I have formed are too intertwined with who I am for that to be true. I will forever carry The Tomahawk in my heart.
As most of you know, my personal life has grown to include lots of little people – our grandchildren and our adopted twins, as well as our foster children. I haven’t yet mastered time travel or being in two places at once, so some priorities had to be set and some choices had to be made. As any parent or grandparent will tell you, the decision made itself. Much prayer has only solidified what I already knew to be true. It’s time to go home.
My tears flow freely as the reality sets in that I won’t be seeing many of you on a regular basis. My extended family at the office and in the community has enriched my life and kept me going. Thank you. I have grown as a person because of you.
I am trying not to let my emotions drag me down but rather focus on the positive and a new beginning. I’m not leaving the area or becoming a hermit. I’ll still be coming down from Forge Creek to bring the kids to school every morning. My trips to the grocery store won’t cease or even slack. Hopefully, I won’t have to miss Sunday and Wednesday night church services to catch up on paperwork now. My kids and grandkids won’t have to look twice to recognize me, and I hope to get reacquainted with my ever-patient husband. I would have fallen apart long ago if not for him.
So although I won’t be sitting Indian-style behind my desk at The Tomahawk in my sock feet, I will still be around. Spring is coming eventually and I can already feel the sun on my back. It’s about time I pass my Daddy’s deep love of our mountains on to the next generation. You can find me mid-April barefoot in the dirt teaching my babies about the rich heritage that is theirs.
Come on by and sit a spell. We’d love to have you.
It’s time.