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Dear Editor,
Accountable, adjective, obliged to account for one’s acts, responsible, capable of being accounted for; explainable.
With the misappropriated monies from the Johnson County School transportation department and the recent Johnson County School Board meeting it would seem more accountability by School Superintendent Michelle Simcox had not been undertaken by Ms. Simcox or the Johnson County School Board.
The Johnson County School Boards consideration of paying Mr. Bishop a large sum and allowing him to retire instead of terminating his contract of employment is egregious to say the least. Ms. Simcox said that she would “not comment on these rumors” but did not deny the allegations. So a question to Ms. Simcox is it true or not true – are they rumors or allegations or both. If they are allegations then they should be addressed in a public forum.
Mr. Carlton stated that the board had previous information and communicated about the case – who had this information and why was the public tax payers not advised. Ms. Simcox stated that this was a personnel issue and could not be discussed at that time. Why have a board if information cannot be discussed in an open public forum. Ms. Simcox needs to realize the Sunshine Law that the Johnson County School board is required to address issue in a public forum and not behind closed doors.
It seems advisable that Ms. Simcox, the Johnson County School Board and Johnson County Commissioners need to be more accountable for public monies. I don’t understand how the board received a Board of Distinction award from what criteria did they receive the award. It is obviously not from the handling of the misappropriated funds from the Johnson County school transportation department.
The issue of misappropriated funds and the lack of over-site by the School Board seems like a cover up of a serious affront to the Johnson County tax payers intelligence. Perhaps it is time for a leadership change as Director of Schools by the Johnson County School Board is mandated. The Board and the Johnson County Commissioners should become more proactive in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to Johnson County taxpayers.
We need not seek to blame but rather to what is required of our elected and/or appointed officials to adequately protect the assets of Johnson County. Only time will tell when the citizens/tax payers of Johnson County will be fully trustful of those elected/appointed officials to be mindful of their responsibilities.

George A. Spreyne