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During its first monthly meeting of 2023, on January 3, Mountain City Council, led by City Mayor Jerry Jordan, gave City Recorder Bud Crosswhite the green light to send out bid invitations for sidewalk repair on North Church Street.

As a main artery in and out of town, North Church Street is a busy thoroughfare. The street sees a considerable flow of traffic, and the road is well traveled by cars and on foot. Since the sidewalk sees a host of foot traffic, whether it is to the grocery store or school, the decision to fix the sidewalk was both timely and much appreciated.

Aside from its functionality, residents are promised that the repaired section will also improve esthetics. The new sidewalk will give residents and visitors a new visual that enhances the topography coming into town. The current sidewalk has fallen into disrepair and, due to years of repaving, is now level with the road.

“When it used to be a state road, they just poured and poured over it, and now the street is level with the sidewalk,” said Mayor Jerry Jordan. “Approximately 2200 feet of sidewalk need to be repaired.

While discussing the extent of the required work, Jordan added, “The sidewalk will need milled, and we will have to build it up, probably seven inches deep and five feet wide.”

The repaving will include the section of sidewalk on North Church Street starting from approximately after the bridge over Furnace Creek and ending at the city limits.

“All on the left side going out of town,” said Jordan.

The actual cost of construction is not determined at this time; the financial need will be based on the bids received. However, the paving construction work is estimated to cost between $150,000- $200,000. Letters of invitation to place bids for the work will be sent out next week, with a deadline of February 2, 2023. This allows all bids to be returned so City Council members can decide during the March City Council meeting who will be awarded the contract to complete the work.

For more information www.mountaincitytn.org


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