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Yama Dojo continues to bring home gold

May 20, 2017 – The Yama Dojo Tournament Team of Kurokawa-ha Shito-Ryu Karate travelled to the Middle Creek Community Center in Apex, NC this past weekend to test their skills in the Super Regionals. Competitors came from four neighboring, Southeastern states.
The day started with an opening ceremony that included our National Anthem and greeting all participating dojos. Then, all adult Black Belt competitors ‘took to the mats’ since the majority of them make up the coaches and referees for the rest of the competition.
When they were finished, starting with the youngest, each age group was called as needed to staging; where they wait for their turn on the mats. Three events were available to highlight the skills of each competitor: kata (forms), Kobudo (weapons) and Kumite (sparring).
When the tournament was over, Yama Dojo brought home 7 gold medals and 4 silver! Trish Hook received a gold in kata and kobudo. Ashley Cole received a silver in kata and kobudo. William Butler brought home a silver in kata, gold in kobudo and a silver in kumite. Rory Springer received a gold in kobudo and kumite. Adam Taft Manuel rounded the medal count out with gold medals in kata and kobudo.
None of this would be possible without the training of the Senseis or the support of our community. Your help has been greatly appreciated. Other dojos are amazed when we share how our town has backed us on this journey. Thank you.
AAU Karate Nationals, June 28-July 1, will end our 2017 Tournament Season.  We desire to finish well, with more gold to show for it.