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Walters working his way back

Sammy Walters is working hard on his own to rejoin the football team. He was a defensive starter as a sophomore last year in the secondary. File photo

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Though small in size, one Johnson County football player has made some giant plays in the secondary for the Longhorns.  Sammy Walters is trying hard to work his way back on the team, which could be a massive shot in the arm for Coach Don Kerley and his 2020 football Longhorns. 

Walters started in the secondary as a sophomore and contributed several key interceptions. He’s hoping to play his way back on the squad and pick right back up where he left off.

“I’ve made a few mistakes, but I’m trying to take responsibility for those,” added Walters. “I believe that I am going to be able to do that.” 

Coach Don Kerley believes that Walters will be out there when they tee it up for the first game.

“He’s a good kid,” said Kerley. “I believe he’ll get everything taken care of. He wants to play, and he can help us in the secondary.

The junior standout has been working out over the summer on his own so that he won’t fall behind. 

“I been doing a lot of individual stuff on my own to stay in shape,” said Walters. “I’ve also worked out some with a few of my teammates.”

Walters has two reasons to get back on this field this fall. He wants to beat Hampton and Happy Valley. 

“I hated losing to them the way we did last year,” added Walters. “They both have good football programs, so it’s always a lot of fun when you are able to beat them.”

Walters will be missing his big brother Lucas this year, who was a senior on last year’s team. 

“It’s going to be strange not having him around,” said Sammy. But we have a lot of good guys in the line and so outstanding coaches who will pick up the slack.”

Walters feels like this year’s squad will be one to take seriously. 

“We all learn from our mistakes,” said Walters. He added that Coach Tom Kerley and the late coach Randy Smith had always been an inspiration.

“They always pushed me to play hard,” said Walters. “I always tried to play bigger than my size. That’s why I’ve worked so hard in the offseason. I’m always going up against receivers that are bigger and taller than me. I want them to throw the ball my way.”

Walters is also hoping that COVID-19 doesn’t stop football from being played. 

“We all know it’s real, and we know to take the preventive measures to avoid getting it, but we all need to be on the field,” said Walters. “We all just want to get back to normal life. Football and school is part of that.”