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Virus strikes again, forcing Longhorns to forego playoffs

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Covid-19 has struck again at JCHS, and unfortunately, it caused the Longhorns to forgo a trip to the
playoffs to play the Alcoa Tornadoes. 
Johnson County was facing its Goliath in a fierce battle predicted not to end well for the Longhorns. Still, the players and coaches were willing to go where no one wants to go, Alcoa.
The Longhorns have been plagued with so much, but one must wonder if this time around was a blessing or a curse. With many players already out for injuries, and the majority of the team were underclassmen, many would surmise, it was a blessing not to play, but definitely, no one wants to have another person suffer from this dreadful virus. 
Coach Don Kerley and his assistant coaches have tried to make the impossible possible, but with every healthy player, two more were sick or injured. 
Alcoa will probably be back at the state championship like they have been
for the past six consecutive years.
To the Longhorn seniors, thank you for holding your heads up high and going on the field every Friday night, and playing hard even in the face of adversity. You have now been a part of an ever-changing environment. Coach Don Kerley has brought so much to the Longhorn Nation, but this year was just debilitating even with years of experience and dedication. Next year Coach, things will be better. No doubt, it will make
you stronger and more resilient.
Pigeon Forge will play at Unicoi Friday night at 7:30. Unicoi advances after a solid win against Austin-East. Unicoi also has the home-field advantage. 
The Blue Devil fans are well known for their deafening support for their team,
so that should be entertaining.
It is now time to put that football in a well-sanitized environment and get those Longhorns healthy because now it is basketball season and many of the banged
up, and bruised football
players will now be lacing
up the basketball shoes trying their best on Atwood Court.
The high school basketball edition will be coming out on November 17. Player ads are now available for $10, so show some love for your favorite basketball player. Contact Rick Wallace at [email protected] or call 727-6121.