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Upcoming senior takes softball world by storm

Johnson County High School softball player, Hailey Cox, presents a product she and her dad invented to keep the batter’s knuckles properly aligned with the bat for a more natural grip and consistent swing. File Photo

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Most local sports fans probably know the name Hailey Cox. Cox is a star softball player, entrepreneur, and student starting her senior year at Johnson County High School this fall. During the summer break, Cox has been heavily involved in the softball world and promoting her business in a series of pop-up shops.

Cox’s business, Firsty Athletic Co., started from a simple after-practice conversation between Cox and her father, which led to her inventing the Align Eight during her sophomore year of high school. The product quickly evolved into a brand featuring products spanning from bat grips and sweat-control products to clothing and even a specialty blend of coffee.

This summer, Cox has been making waves in college softball. Officials invited her to throw out the first pitch during the Florida Gulf Coast League All-Star Game and then meet with the league owner to discuss the future of professional softball. According to recent information, Cox’s original invention has made it to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and into the hands of the entire Jackson State team.

“I don’t think most people in Johnson County understand what Hailey is doing in the entire national sport of softball,” explained sports enthusiast and proud father Tim Cox Jr. “I’m her dad, but as a fan of softball, I’m super proud that she is from this county and is doing what she is.”

To find out more about Firsty Athletic Co., visit or check out the brand page on Facebook. For more information about sports at Johnson County High School, visit