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University High Lady Bucs win close game against Lady Longhorns

The Lady Longhorns came up just short again in a very close home game against the University High Lady Bucs. With a strong defense from both teams the game went by rapidly. Although there was good contact on the ball, most hits resulted in an out as both teams were able to make numerous catches. Even more troubling for the Lady Longhorns was a strong University High pitcher who threw more than 50 strikes resulting in 6 strikeouts.
Both teams seemed to have trouble offensively, with only a single run in the whole game, which unfortunately went to the Lady Bucs. For Coach Dana Smith, issues at bat have been the biggest hindrance this season, especially in home games. “We’ve got to hit. For some reason we can hit everywhere else but we just can’t hit here. I don’t think they had their minds on what they were supposed to be doing. I asked them to make an adjustment twice but they never made that adjustment. We should have hit better and we did not. It’s all or nothing. This is twice on our field that we have lost by one run. We’ve got to swing the bat. It’s got to be their decision, because they are very good hitters, but it’s their decision to do it consistently all the time. If we can get that consistency we’ll be fine.”
With both teams making only two base earning runs, there was little action on the bases at any point. Johnson County made it as far as second under Ashley Arnold in the first inning and Eden Smith in the fourth, but was unable to get a runner any farther. University High did a little better, making a complete run in the fourth, and nearly picking up their second before getting their third out. Yet, with the exception of those two successes, were in worse shape than the Lady Longhorns overall, getting on base a total of four times in all seven innings.
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