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Twins pose triple threat at JCHS

Brittney Brooks.cmyk
Brittney Brooks
Courtney Brooks.cmyk
Courtney Brooks

By Tim Chambers

The song, “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds back in the 60’s would be a fitting one for two outstanding Johnson County female athletes. The tune says there is a time for everything and was taken from the bible’s third chapter of Ecclesiastes.
Twin sisters Courtney and Brittney Brooks have invested their hearts and souls into playing volleyball, basketball and softball for the Lady Longhorns. And they never take a season off to enjoy any me time.
They could have taken a breather after softball and summer basketball but instead are gearing up for fall volleyball. But neither would have it any other way.
“We don’t really have any down time at all,” said Courtney. “When you get through with one sport, another one is ready to start, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love playing and competing. It’s just something that I’ve always done.”
Brittney embraces the opportunity to play at the varsity level in all three sports but knows when it’s time to back off a bit.
“It is not that hard physically to play them all, but finding the time to do your homework is sometimes difficult,” said Brittney. “We also don’t have a lot of time to do stuff with our friends, but we still have fun. Sometimes we have to scale back some when we get a big project at school. We want to give our best anytime we put on a Longhorn uniform. We also want to be good students.”
Putting on a uniform is something that each player has got down to a science. But neither has a preference as to which one is their favorite.
“Basketball has always been my top sport, but my favorite is whatever I’m playing at the time,” said Courtney. “I usually go shoot basketball after volleyball and we pitch and throw outside when the weather is good. We try and manage our time well. Sometimes that can be a tough thing to do.”
Brittney also loves to get in some extra work when the opportunity presents itself.
“I try and swing the bat a lot over the winter,” added Brittney. “I’ll shoot basketball after practice and then get my swings in on the weekend. We work on our offseason stuff, but our focus right now is on volleyball until it’s over. But we’ll be working on the other two during our spare time.”
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