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Twin towers ready to spike opposition

Margaret Morrow

By Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Johnson County’s opposition could be seeing double-trouble on the volleyball court in 2018. Margaret and Renie Morrow are ready to show the opponent that the Lady Longhorns are no longer a pushover. The Morrow twins will tower above the opposition with Margaret standing 6’0 and Renie just a tad under. Both are in their fourth year and are eager to set the bar high for the future players.

“I like to inspire our younger players to keep going with it because volleyball can be hard as a freshman or sophomore,” said Margaret. “The upperclassmen are so much stronger but you have to keep your goal of working up to where they are at. I want to be there ready to answer questions when the younger players ask for help. I want to be a leader for them as well as our varsity players.”

Renie is one player that has climbed her way up in the ranks. Coach Donna Poteet called her the most improved player. “I always had a love for the game so I worked hard on the court and at practices to get better,” said Renie. “I always tried to listen to my coaches and do everything they ask me to do. It was hard at first but I wanted to be good and I wanted our team to be better. I’m hoping that all the hard work pays off this year.”

Margaret believes that all the hard work they have put in will show when the season begins. She feels like that team chemistry and athleticism will be their strong suits.“I think this group has a whole different level of connection with one another,” stated Margaret. “We all enjoy being around each other and this carries over on the court when we play. We all pull for one another to do well because we know that our team is best when we all are playing good together. This group wants to win and we’ve got the athletes to do that now.”

Renie agrees with Margaret about this year’s squad being better than in years past. She agrees it’s all about having the right pieces to the puzzle.
“We are definitely very athletic,” said Renie. “We have size on the front line which should help us to knock some shots down. We came away from the camps with a good feel for one another and a great level of improvement. We’ve got much better since last season.”

Margaret and Renie are the daughters of Anny Morrow and Sonny Patterson. Their dad played sports at the college level. They both agreed that Coach Poteet has had a positive influence on them. “She has always been a big inspiration for our team,” said Renie. “Coach is always pushing us to be our best on the court and in the classroom. She definitely has help Margaret and me.”

Coach Poteet was ready to hand back the compliments to her team leaders. “They both are four years players that have worked hard to be where they are at. This is my second and third players to play four years for me. They are top notch kids that are strong in academics, have high character and possess an excellent work ethic. I can see them doing well in whatever they decide to pursue.”

Both plan on attending Tennessee Tech University after graduation and they won’t rule out trying to play either club ball or for the school.
They’ll put all that on hold for now. “I hope that we can have a great season and not get down like in past years,” said Renie. “I want us to work together and not give up. I know we can win a lot of games if we apply ourselves.”

Margaret added. “I don’t think that we’ll be the team that anyone wants to play on senior night. We plan on showing up and giving everyone a fight.”