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Tugman wins U.S.T.A. Tennis Tournament

With there not being a whole lot going on in the Johnson County sports scene right now, I took some vacation time last week and checked out what was going on in the sports world.
Last Wednesday, I made the trip to Beef O’ Brady’s restaurant in Boone, N.C. to check out Wimbledon and to glance at the World Cup.
It turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
I mainly wanted to see the tennis and with the World Cup forcing a switch back and forth between ESPN2 and ESPNU, which is a channel we don’t get on the local cable, I went to Beef’s to check out the action.
When I started watching the John Isner-Nicolas Mahut match, it was 17-17 in the fifth set and it really hadn’t sunk in just how historic this match was going to become.
Meanwhile, the U.S. was struggling to score against Algeria and it looked like it was going to lose.
Then about 12 noon, the place erupted as Landon Donovan scored in extra time to give the U.S. a 1-0 win which in turn advanced them into the knockout round of the event.
I admit it was a thrilling thing to watch, but it was only the beginning of one of the greatest sporting days in American history.
Isner kept on playing and much of the attention both in Boone and nationally switched to that match.
People were watching on their lunch break and having to leave. One person actually left and came back.
Everytime I thought Isner, who is from nearby Greensboro, N.C. was going to crack, he kept persevering.
Speaking of the guy who left and came back, a construction worker named Samuel who was working outside left at 33-33. At 51-51 he came back.
You heard me, 51-51.
This match had become one of the most incredible sporting events I had ever seen. People watching the soccer where coming up to me asking me questions about this.
This match had become the longest tennis match in history.
The construction worker kept getting text messages from a girl who went to high school with Isner. Everyone was simply amazed.
Two years ago, I was able to see the up and coming Isner in an exhibition against Andy Roddick in Knoxville. It made it even more special to see that I saw a guy play in person who was playing in this historic match.
However, I just knew Isner was going to lose. I could just tell. But everytime I thought this, he proved me wrong.
The fifth set went all the way to 9:10 London time Wednesday (4:10 here). Guess what, there was still no winner.
The score was 59-59 when play resumed on Thursday.
The record books were shattered and I was exhausted.
I had never experienced a sports day in my over 25 years of watching sports quite like this one where you had two events that were so mesmerizing.
I realize that in Johnson County, these two sports are not that popular. But you have to look at it this way, this was sports history being made.
I felt like I was a part of this history just being in the restaurant.
For complete details please pick up your copy of this weeks, The Tomahawk, available at local newsstands today.